key pricing indicators,

For many, building a custom home or cottage will be the largest expense that is made during their lifetime.  There are of course many factors that will influence the final cost. Many of them involve customization while others are expenditures more closely related to the basic construction costs.


A home with greater square-footage will tend to cost more than a smaller home, including size of garage.

Number of Stories

Creating additional stories, including basements and attic spaces, can increase the building costs, especially if these areas are finished.

Shape of Building

For custom construction, the more corners and engineering spans a house has, the greater the cost impact.


The overall structure, roof line, ceiling heights and engineering requirements drive build and finishing cost implications.


grade of fixtures, cabinets, counters and finishing trim make all the difference in impact and of course cost.


The impact of the overall design, siding type, quantity and style of doors and windows quickly add up in the budget.